Lab One Capital

Lab One Capital seeks to pursue investments directly in Canada’s
nano gap providing investors an opportunity to own a basket of
extraordinary companies at highly attractive purchase prices.

Bridging the Business Succession Gap

In the next 10 years, C$1.5 trillion of Canadian small business assets will be transferred, but only 8% of small business owners have formal succession plans in place. As a result of this generational shift, there is currently an overwhelming influx of sellers relative to the number of buyers in this current inefficiently private market resulting in highly attractive valuations. Lab One Capital is a micro-cap private equity company based on a value investing framework set out to identify, acquire, and ultimately capitalize on purchasing the top quartile of today’s enduringly profitable family businesses at today’s heavily discounted valuations.

Investing with Lab One Capital

In recent years, investors have witnessed the larger public market showcase pronounced volatility and unexplainable market fundamentals. That is why at Lab One Capital, we are fixated on the incredible opportunity to offer investors materiality lower risk investments at materially higher rates of return relative to their public market counterparts. While bonds in the public markets pay a near-nominal yield, this demographic shift and resulting opportunity allows us to pay investors a predictable fixed yield of up to 9.0% per annum.

Investor Benefits

By entering into a loan agreement with Lab One Capital, investors are able to achieve their investment objectives:

Highly Secured, Zero Volatility

Structured as a loan, investors receive significantly more security recouping their entire investment plus interest before Lab One Capital even recognizes $1 of profit. Further, interest rates are fixed and do not fluctuate until the predefined maturity date where 100% of the principal is returned.
Market Yield

Above Market Yield

Despite the low yield products currently available in the market, Lab One Capital is able to deploy capital directly into high yielding private companies allowing for rewarding investors with above market rates of return at highly attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Diversified Portfolio

Investing with Lab One Capital allows investors to achieve high yield returns while simultaneously receiving cross-guarantees from numerous profitable, mature, and faithful private businesses across the portfolio.

Operational Prowess

While no two businesses our exactly alike, our deep private equity backgrounds allow us to bring a robust “playbook” applicable to bakeries all the way to aerospace companies. With many of these private businesses being held by the same family and entrepreneur for over 30 years, by bringing in a team of professional investors and entrepreneurs specializing in this market segment, there almost always professionalization and new growth opportunities available immediately on entrance.
Meat & Potato

Meat & Potato Type Businesses

Lab One Capital are not after your “sexy” technology businesses or new hot start-ups shooting for “unicorn” like projections. Instead, what excites us are those meat and potato type businesses that have been around 30 years and will be around for another 30. These businesses aren’t stagnant; they are specialists solving those same core problems unaffected by trends and fads. It is their reliability, profitability, and ultimately faithfulness that appeals to us

Invest With Us

If you are interested in investing and you are an accredited investor (under British Columbia securities laws), please reach out to us below.

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